We are Brittany and Brett, the Chigaco based husband and wife photography team behind OKBritknee. It's no nice to meet you!

So what makes us so different?

In a word: moments. Don’t expect your typical awkwardly staged photos. At OkBritknee, we focus on the candid moments that truly capture a couple’s unique relationship through engagement or wedding photos. We will take the time to get know you before your wedding to best understand the vibe you want from your photos.


With flexible and competitive pricing, clients have chosen OkBritknee Photography for portraits, weddings and various events. Also, we are available to shoot engagement, boudoir or reception sessions throughout the Chicagoland area and can even travel to your preferred destination!


We research the best locations for your wedding or engagement photos and always come prepared with a unique perspective on how to bring your vision to life through photography. Don’t be surprised if inspiration strikes mid-photo shoot and we find an even more stunning backdrop for your photos.

In Chicago? With all the beautiful architecture, it’s difficult to find a bad spot in the city to take your wedding or engagement photos. Brett and I have shot everywhere from chic rooftops to lush parks to city streets. Outside of the city? We love to capture the beauty of a beach, meadow, or a rustic farmhouse. At OkBritknee, we will make you feel comfortable during your photo shoot to capture the most intimate and real moments between couples, knowing that your engagement and wedding photos will be family heirlooms for years to come.

We will find a way to tell your unique love story through our work.

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We can't wait to meet you.

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