Wedding Photography FAQ & Tips


1. First look or not? In spite of what you have heard; there really is no right or wrong way to do it. We have successfully documented weddings with, or without a first look. However, my experience has shown me that if a couple elects to do a first look, we can usually fit in an extra 45 minutes just for bride & groom portraits. It is your big day and you will choose how you will remember the day! It is about a 50/50 split for my couples. Half of them will choose the more traditional route, and half will opt for first look.

2. How big is the bridal party and family formal list? For family formals I like to keep it under 15 minutes. That is usually doable if everybody cooperates and sticks around right after the ceremony. Please communicate this to your DJ or the officiant. They should make an announcement at the end of the ceremony for the bridal party and immediate family to stay for photos. In the coming weeks, you will receive another email from me asking for family portrait groupings. This really helps to move the groupings along and cut the time down to a minimum. Please also make sure to provide my team with a contact person who can call out people by name or relationships.

3. Will you document the reception area? The venue and all the decors, flowers, place settings, are perhaps the most expensive items on your wedding budget. And I’m sure you have allocated a big chunk of budget on making the reception / ceremony area to be impeccable. Brett and I will need approximately 15-20 minutes in order to shoot all the details. We are talking about center pieces, cake, favors, flowers, dessert table, overall area shot, etc.. We will need the area completely sectioned off from guests so we can get a ‘clean’ shot of the area. All of my clients appreciate this, because otherwise they would never know what the reception area looks like! Please work with the coordinator to have all the decorations done before start of cocktail hour.

4. When will the photographers eat dinner or take a break? 

The best time for us to eat dinner is when the bride & groom are eating. This is not because we like to eat before everybody else I promise! When you guys are done eating, and are getting up visiting tables, saying hi to guests, I want to make sure Brett and I are available. So we  typically eat while you are eating and we are done when you guys are finished as well. This will help to achieve a fuller coverage of your wedding reception. There will be two photographers at your wedding and you will always be able to find one of us, even if one of us is taking a quick restroom break.

5. What does the second shooter cover? Who will be with the bride and who will be with the groom? Typically, I will be the primary photographer in charge of the bride getting ready, details, & romantic portraits. The second shooter typically is in charge of family formals, groom getting ready shots, and provide a 2nd angle for the coverage.

6. We have special surprises planned, will you be able to capture that? We love special surprises at weddings! Please send us everything you are planning that is not the typical formality, and we will do our absolute best to capture it. 

Vendors - One of the most important things to ensure a successful wedding reception experience is having the right professionals on your side! And I've been fortunate enough to work with some of the best vendors this industry has to offer! I only recommend vendors I have personally worked with and trust. Although they do come highly recommended, please still do your research and make sure their style & reviews match your expectations! Here are some of my favorite vendors; Friends of OkBritknee

**Should we include our packages?? How much do your wedding packages start at? City Hall Weddings - 1500, Bronze - 1990, Silver - 2490, Gold - 2990

How many edited images will we receive? Depends - typically we average anywhere from 500 to 2000 photos